Deepwood Altar Variations | Miniature | Dungeons and Dragons Miniature | RPG Tabletop Resin 3D Printed



Model info: Each model is 3D SLA Printed in premium quality resin grey color and sized to fit the order specified size. Our priority is to deliver the best looking and strong miniatures but keep in mind that due to the nature of SLP technology some of our models have to be printed using supports which will leave minor scuffs/bumps on the object. We take all the mess out of Resin 3D Printing and deliver you a finished product, cured, cleaned and ready to be primed and painted. If you have any questions about the process we are here to answer. ♻️ For our models we use environmental friendly plant-based resin, a truly eco-friendly product, biodegradable and made from soybean oil. Complied with EN 71-3:2013 safety of toys standard, all while improving the strength of traditional resin with semi-flexible properties. 📐 Model Base Size: D&D Standard : 25.4 mm 1" ( 1x1 squares) SM: 28mm - 1.10" M: 32mm - 1.25" D&D Large: 50.8mm - 2" ( 2x2 squares) D&D Huge: 76.2 mm 3" ( 3x3 squares) 📏 We can print BIG! If you want any other size you can let us know! 📦 Shipping time: All orders are tracked and ship within 1-2 weeks (usually 1 week) with a transit time of 4-8 days for all EU orders and 6-12 days for Outside of EU orders. 💗 Thanks to Artisan Guild for providing this model. We respect all creators and support them. Printlix is licenced and allowed to sell every model available in our shop.

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