Steam Deck Portable Stand

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Elevate your gaming experience with the Steam Deck Stand from Printlix3D. Specifically designed for the Steam Deck console, our stand offers a practical and stylish solution for gaming, streaming, and storage.

The Steam Deck Stand allows you to place your console in an upright position, perfect for hands-free enjoyment of streams or playing games with a controller from a distance. When not in use, the stand provides a secure and organized spot to store your Steam Deck, ensuring it's ready for your next gaming session.

Made to match your style, our stand comes with the option to customize from a range of colors - all available colors can be found in the last image. Whether you're looking to complement your gaming setup or add a vibrant touch, we have a color for you!

But there's more to our stand than meets the eye. At Printlix3D, we care about our planet, and this is reflected in our choice of materials. The Steam Deck Stand is 3D printed with PLA (Polylactic acid), a material known for its safety, biodegradability, and origin from renewable biomass.

Choose the Steam Deck Stand by Printlix3D for an organized gaming setup that's not only functional and customizable but also environmentally friendly.

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