Steam Deck Switch-Like Storage & Stand V2

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Style: OLED Version (Orange Logo)
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With our new and improved Steam Deck Switch-Like Stand, you can easily play the Steam Deck console in another room with a TV. It features vent ports that remain unobstructed during gameplay, this way proper cooling is provided to the Steam Deck and a door through which can tuck away any excess cables.

You can order in any color we have available, by default we offer an OLED Edition and Standard Edition which includes the stand in full deep black and with respective logos, orange/white or blue/white.
Alternatively, you can order in any combination you'd like, just leave a personalization request with the color changes.

♻️This item is 3D printed with PLA(Polylactic acid), safe, biodegradable, and made from renewable biomass.

📦 Shipping info:
🔵 - For orders within the European Union, we use GLS/DHL or Postal Union to deliver parcels.
🟠 - For orders outside the EU (USA, Canada, etc) we ship via DHL Express or Postal Union, depending on the option picked.

Please note that the Steam Deck is not included or for sale.
Special thanks to elusivelectron for the creative suggestions.

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