Steam Deck Under-Desk Mount

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Store the Steam Deck with our custom-designed mount for your Desk!


Secure Storage: Safely store your Steam Deck under your desk with our sturdy mount. The included screws ensure a reliable and permanent installation.

Cooling Design: The unique pentagon pattern on the side of the mount isn't just for aesthetics. It's designed to enhance airflow, helping your Steam Deck cool down quicker after intense gaming sessions.

Easy Installation: We've made the installation process a breeze. Additional holes are placed for easy screwdriver access, making it a quick and hassle-free DIY setup.


Material: High-quality 3D printed plastic
Color: Pick from over 35 colors available
Dimensions: 56x124x59 mm

Package Includes: 
Steam Deck Desk / Surface Mount
3D Printed Steam Deck Mount
Screws for Installation
Installation Guide

♻️This item is 3D printed with PLA(Polylactic acid), safe, biodegradable, and made from renewable biomass.

Please note that the Steam Deck in the photos are not included or for sale.

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