Tesla Supercharger 3D Printed - PLA

Style: Input Type: USB C (Cable not included)
Sale price€15,99 EUR


Tesla Supercharger 3D Printed using PLA, a biodegradable material.

Height: 14.2cm/5,6"
Length: 7cm/2.7"
Printing detail: 0.1mm
Colors: 3
Cable not included unless selected with the order.

Comes in 3 types, pick one that suits your cable needs:
For USB C, Lightning Cable and Micro USB
Basically what differs between these three is only the red part in the middle in which the cable sits. USB C is the largest, doesn't fit in Micro USB or Lightning Version, others do fit in USB C but are too loose, might fall out and not sit perfectly. If you want to use this for just 1 type of cable we suggest getting that type of Tesla Supercharger, if you want "one size fit all - kinda" we suggest going for USB C Version.

We are including a Tesla Logo Decal that you can use on laptops, cars or anything you would like to stick it on :)
For any questions don't hesitate to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.

We also take custom orders if you want to place one please send us a message via Etsy and we will reply within a few hours.

### Because we know you want the best quality when it comes to printing we don't cheap out and don't print on cheap, economical printers or cheap filament. All of our orders are manufactured in a print farm made of only PRUSA i3 MK3S, award winning voted Best 3D Printer of Summer 2019 and only use premium filament. This way you can be sure you always get the top printing quality the industry can offer. ###

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