Valve Index Base Station Quick Wall Mount

Type: Single Quickmount
Sale price€7,90 EUR


🌈 You can order in any color we have available (you can find all of our colors in the image slides above).
Item custom-designed to securely mount the Valve Index Basestations to a wall, this way you can simply slide the base station in and out without having the need to unscrew it first. The mount also has a cable channel behind, in case it's needed to fix the cable nicely down the wall.

The color shown in the images above is Silver and other colors for digital renders, you can order in any color available from the color palette listed above.

This 3D printed part comes with an M4 screw and a fixing anchor.

📐Size: 78 x 109 x 16 mm / 3 x 4,3 x 0.6 in

📦 Shipping info:
🔵 - For orders within the European Union, we use GLS/DHL or Postal Union to deliver parcels. Make sure you add a phone number on the checkout page for delivery.
🟠 - For orders outside the EU (USA, Canada, etc) we ship via DHL Express or Postal Union, depending on the option picked. Make sure you add a phone number on the checkout page for delivery.

♻️This item is 3D printed with PLA(Polylactic acid), safe, biodegradable, and made from renewable biomass.
PLA products are not able to sustain high temperature so it is best to avoid temperatures over 55°C (130°F) for the model to keep its original shape.
The wall mount has reinforced screw points and designed to ensure proper strength. This mount should not be used to mount a base station to the ceiling.

Base stations hardware not included, All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

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