Valve Index Headset Front Cover

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🌈 You can order in any color we have available (you can find all of our colors in the image slides above).
The colors shown in the images above are Galaxy Silver, Galaxy Black, Orange and Pink.

Do you want to protect your original front piece or want to give a new look to your Index VR Headset? you can start with a new stylish front cover and pick any color you love to have it made in. The cover simply snaps similar to the original one, you don't have to worry that it will fall off during your VR sessions.
Each Front Cover has magnets attached, just like the original cover.

To celebrate the imminent launch of Half-Life Alyx we've modified the original version of the cover with the Half-Life themed logo which is shipped by default in orange color unless another color is requested with the order. Please note that despite our efforts to completely eliminate all printing ripples/vibrations, because of the logo and how thin the cover actually is, some imperfections can be seen (check the product image) but are visible mostly in strong light and when standing close (less than 30 cm).

We've tested these covers and haven't noticed any difference during gameplay as it does not cover any of the headset sensors.

This item is 3D printed with PLA(Polylactic acid), safe, biodegradable, and made from renewable biomass.

Thanks to Valve for making printing this piece possible by publishing Headset Assembly STP files.

🌟We also take custom orders if you want to place one please send us a message via Etsy and we'll reply usually within a few hours.🌟

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