Valve Index LX Wall Mount- PLA 3D Printed

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The color shown in the images above is Black and Yellow.
Model custom created to offer Index owners a chance to free up their space by using a wall-mounted stand for the Index.

This design has the following features:
- Extruded Grip for the headset band to sit on, this way it won't fall out if you accidentally bump into it.
- Knuckles charging docks + cable management (thanks to BearCubsTeacher for the dock outline)
- Accessory box, you can simply use an external battery to charge the knuckles
without extra wires laying around
- 3x M4 wall screw points (wall anchors and screws included with every order)
- Accent line, a chance to customize the design more freely.

You can order in any color we have available (you can find all of our available colors in the image slides above). Also, there are a rendered models of a few color combinations but final colors may slightly vary (check colors available for a more accurate representation of the final colors)

The wall stand has reinforced screw points and headset parts thus designed to ensure proper strength.

♻️This item is 3D printed with PLA(Polylactic acid), safe, biodegradable, and made from renewable biomass.
PLA products are not able to sustain high temperature so it is best to avoid temperatures over 55°C (130°F) for the model to keep its original shape.

📐Size: 23cm x 13.5cm x 8.82cm / 9.05 x 5.3 x 3.4 Inches

*Certain listed images include the Valve Index Knuckles Palm Support, these are add-ons and sold separately, not with this order. You can check out our shop page to find out more details about them.

Due to the time needed to manufacture the wall stand, currently, we offer only certain colors. If you'd like another one please let us know in advance, it may take extra time to process your custom order.

All orders are tracked and ship within 1-2 weeks (usually 1 week). Transit times for each country can be viewed on the checkout page before placing an order.

🌟We also take custom orders if you want to place one please send us a message via Etsy and we'll reply usually within a few hours.🌟

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